Brent Burns: Why I Fight For Military Families

Brent Burns: Why I Fight For Military Families

Brent Burns of the San Jose Sharks recently partnered with GOOD Sports to discuss his thoughts on the military and ways that he has been able to give back to the community.

In a personal essay Burns said “When you want to get involved in giving back, it’s got to be a passion. Everybody’s different. For some it’s animals. Some people have a history of cancer. It’s whatever your passions are. For me, that’s the military.

“And for me, meeting these families lets me live out my fantasy of being like them. I get to meet amazing people. They’re very similar to us. They’re passionate about their way of life and they have the same love-but-ribbing thing that hockey guys have. It’s easy to for us to fit in their world and easy for them to come into our world.”

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