20 Things Brent Burns Said

20 Things Brent Burns Said

SportsNet resurrected The Lost Tapes and did a special all-Brent Burns edition of stray thoughts.

As Burns fans know, the man likes to shoot from the hip, have fun and tell it how it is, and there is nothing short of that in this article. We will give you the top level highlights from the article, but reading the whole article is definitely 20 minutes well spent.

1. The “winning attitude” is a myth.
2. Hockey success is like catching lightning in a bottle.
3. Arrive early enough at the Blue Jays game to get in on the free toque giveaway, and you’ll score the perfect topper for a game-day suit.
4. Let’s stop hating on hockey’s World Championship…
5. …but—memo to the IIHF—maybe we could shorten it.
6. Even after watching Canada mate Brad Marchand cash in to the tune of $49 million, the most valuable member of 2017’s UFA class is in no rush to sign a new contract.
7. Taking it easy in pre-season, or cutting out jujitsu, won’t prevent injuries.
8. The World Cup is a fantastic place to stock up on memorabilia for your five-year-old son, Jagger.
9. Not a bad place for Dad to boost his collection, either.
10. Pavel Datsyuk is the one that got away.
11. Burns’ favorite throwback sweater is the Bruins’ bear head. Not surprising, coming from a fierce animal lover.
12. Even while he was winning the World Cup with Canada, Burns would FaceTime with a couple of Sharks teammates at training camp—but he didn’t miss the pre-season grind.
13. Still, training camp is a wonderful time of the year.
14. Savor the journey.
15. Way back in 1996, a kid Burns collected World Cup tradables from McDonald’s.
16. And he doesn’t care if you think the actual World cup trophy is goofy-looking.
17. He just expects greatness out of Sidney Crosby now.
18. It’ll be time to read Viking books once he finally finishes with the dwarfs and dragons.
19. Jagger is a hurricane in the sack.
20. That chin pelt of his is a lifestyle. Get used to it.