Onto The Conference Finals!

Onto The Conference Finals!


Hey guys!

Well that was a fun series. Credit the Predators for taking this to the wire. And credit the fans even more for #TurningUpInTeal. Loved hearing the place rock…especially those last 2 minutes!

Definitely will enjoy this one, and get ready for the next round against the Blues.

It was a school night for the kids so they couldn’t stay up and watch the whole game. When we told them in the morning that we were advancing to the Conference Finals, they were pretty ecstatic. Here’s a before and after picture!

IMG_9336 IMG_9335Men-Ivory-Tee_8fcf4b61-2bc8-45c8-bbe8-7e39d6f7007e_large

Our better halves celebrated after the game as it wasn’t a school night for them!





I wanted to give everyone a bit of a glimpse as to some of what goes on inside the “Burnzie” household:

– Shake stuff in morning… Good options from garden of life!  Love the spiced chai!


– My Burnzie chia pet! I still think my beard grows faster…


– Lots of beard oils, washes and combs to make sure the playoff beard is game ready!


– Little guy’s Sharks rink ceiling with locker room/ pizza guys/ away locker room heading to the Sharks aquarium… And his favorite Sharkie with some crazy shirtless flames fans!

image4 image5 image6

Special thanks to Alex Prewitt of Sports Illustrated for coming over and spending the time. Cool article!

Brent Burns of the Sharks is lucky, charmed … and good.

Finally, great to see #SharksTerritory supporting my boy Joe Pavelski (@JPav8) and tweeting #NHL17Pavelski to get him on the cover for EA Sports NHL 17.

Now onto the Conference Finals! Let’s go #SJSharks!