Brent Burns & Sports Illustrated

Brent Burns & Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated featured the one and only, Brent Burns. Covering topics from bike riding in tight shorts, Nurtibullet blenders, and the Stanley Cup pursuit.  As the article reads, you find all the more validation to the title “NHL’s most colorful player.”

Highlighting Burns’ skill and spirit as a concert, we learned the depth of Burns’ unusual passions. From breeding snakes, martial arts, Asian Culture, to RV’s, Burns is all across the board.

“It’s not just a case of a guy having a lot of money and trying to find ways to spend it,” says Doug Risebrough, the GM who drafted Burns. “These are passions. They’re not normal passions, but they’re passions. And there’s detail to them. It’s not just a like. It’s a study, so to speak.”

Burns is also a family man, hitting the road for 3 months in a van (or now his brand new 44 ½ ft motor home) with his wife and 2 kids to travel across the country, is a norm. Also working out in the Walmart parking lot is a norm.

Those around Burns are infected with is zest. “I love being around him,” Sharks GM Doug Wilson says. “He’s vibrant. The curiosity, that’s how you should live life. Teammates will throw lines at him, get after him for his large camouflage backpack he lugs around everywhere, but it’s filled with equipment—fitness bands, yoga straps, a Nutribullet blender—that comes in handy on the road.

Even with the quarks and passion, one cannot take away the talent that exudes from Brent Burns. Behind it all is one of the league’s best blueliners, a towering shot-generating machine and Norris Trophy finalist who did not reach these heights by accident.

Currently Burns’ life is occupied with the Western Finals, chasing the Stanley Cup.

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